Looking for an engineer to undertake gas work?

As qualified commercial gas engineers based in Basingstoke, Hampshire – we know better than anyone how tempting it is to pick the first name on the search list. But, through years of experience we advise you investigate further before making a final decision.

Gas Safe registration is a legal requirement for any engineer carrying out gas work. Due to the vast amounts of gas services an engineer can offer, they must first hold their ‘core’ qualifications – once they have their essential credentials, they can then add on any additional types of work they may wish to offer.

Here at LJS, we often liken this to your mobile phone for example. Let’s say you’re on a ‘pay as you go’ tariff, in order to qualify for any additional features on your plan such as more texts or minutes, you must first hold your core tariff package.

LJS Gas and Heating specialise in commercial gas work. The commercial category refers to the size of pipework worked on and appliance type/gas consumption in addition to the property type. Regardless of what customers often think, property type is not the sole criteria of commercial or domestic work.

The most common types of gas work generally comprise of one or more of the following services:

  • Install

In relation to gas appliances, permanently fixing, locating and connecting the appliance to the gas supply to meet the requirements of the Gas Regulations and the appliance installation instructions.

  • Commission gas supply

Operational checks normally undertaken immediately following appliance installation, which ensures the correct and gas safe operation of the newly installed gas appliance.

  • Service/ maintenance

The keeping of an appliance in a condition in which it can perform its required functions safely and efficiently. Undertaken in accordance with the appliance manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Safety check

Different to a service in that cleaning of the appliance is not carried out. A series of basic safety function and condition checks on the appliance to determine its safety at the time of check. Much like an MOT for a vehicle.

  • Natural Gas

Gas supplied from the ‘mains’ in the street.

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Propane or butane gas supplied in cylinders or from a bulk storage vessel (tank).

Not all engineers will offer all of the above services, despite being Gas Safe registered and competent to do so, therefore we advise you discuss your needs with an engineer prior to going ahead with the work. LJS Gas and Heating are qualified to carry out all of the above commercial services.

If you want to find out more about Gas Safe Register, you can visit their site HERE.

If you own a commercial property and are in need of a Gas Safe Registered engineer, LJS Gas and Heating are qualified and experienced gas engineers covering the Hampshire and London areas. Call us on 01256 391355 for a FREE quote today.