There’s no denying that the nights are getting colder and the days are getting shorter. In fact, as a commercial heating engineer based in Basingstoke, this time of the year is notorious for more than just gloomy days, especially when it comes to your boiler.

As Winter sets in it’s important to remember that it’s your responsibility as a commercial property owner to ensure that your commercial boiler is functioning optimally, to ensure the safety of all of your staff.

An abundant supply of hot water is critical for every business, but businesses such as hotels, restaurants and offices are under increasing pressure to keep their employees warm during the cold winter months.

So, to ensure you identify any heating issues your premises may be facing early enough, we’ve put together a list of common problems commercial boilers face. These problems, if left untreated, may be preventing your heating system from working at it’s best, especially when you need it most.


A noisy boiler generally isn’t an optimal one. We recommend you don’t ignore those banging noises, in hopes that they’ll just disappear. Low water pressure or limescale build up can cause whistling noises in your boiler, whereas trapped air in its system can cause a whole range of strange noises to emanate from your heating system.

So, if your employees have noticed your boiler is making unwanted noises, it’s imperative you get it checked by a professional registered heating engineer, who will be able to rectify the issue before it’s a little too late.


Whilst there’s no immediate warning signs, limescale or dirt build up in your boiler can reduce efficiency and increase your heating bills. To ensure your boiler continues to run smoothly through the colder months, it’s imperative you get your boiler serviced to minimise the possibility of it breaking and costing you more than just your heating bill.


It’s common knowledge that every boiler needs to maintain a pressure within a specified range to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. However, leaks and other issues surrounding the valve or pump can cause pressure to drop at a rapid pace. Loss of pressure in your boiler can cause not only a drop in its efficiency, but most importantly can cause the boiler to stop working altogether. This is something a commercial gas engineer should check during your annual commercial boiler service.


Water leaks and boilers don’t mix. A water leak from your boiler can only mean one thing- and it’s not good news. A leak is your boilers way of telling you there’s a problem that needs rectifying immediately, and often indicates that there’s an internal component such as a seal of valve that is broken.

Whilst it’s not the ‘end of the world’, a boiler leak, if left untreated, can cause electrical issues, corrosion and even structural issues in the surrounding building if left unattended. So, we recommend you don’t ignore the warning signs, and contact a professional gas engineer at your earliest convenience.

Although we appreciate that sometimes boilers break and stop working with no notice at all, ensuring your boiler is regularly serviced will minimise any potential problems and stop any existing issues in their tracks.

If your heating system is in of a little attention, LJS is a commercial heating specialist based in Basingstoke who can provide you with its annual service to minimise a potential breakdown.

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