As a plumbing, heating and gas specialists based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, one question we get time and time again from our customers is, what’s the difference between a plumber and a heating engineer? So, we thought it was about time we addressed it for you all! It’s pretty simple really, but it is always good to know whom you need to call in the event of a home mishap!

The plumber

The word plumbers actually derives from the Latin word Plumbum, and while in Roman times plumbers worked with lead piping, modern day plumbing devices are no longer made from lead. Today plumbers tend to work on both wet and dry pipes, from drains, toilets, sinks and dishwashers, if you’ve got a leak it’s a plumber you need to call!

Although some plumbers are capable and qualified to work on heating appliances, so it’s best you check before hiring one to fix your boiler.

Heating engineers

The clue really is in the name! heating engineers work solely on the heading appliances found in buildings. They carry out a wide range of jobs from maintaining and installing heating pipework to fixing appliances when they break down.

Heating engineers tend to work on a wide range of properties, including residential, commercial and industrial, ensuring that they are all heated safely and efficiently. Whereas some plumbers work on both water and heating, heating engineers are reserved for heating only and do not venture into any other aspect of plumbing work.

Boiler repairs and service

if you are having trouble with your boiler or it needs a service, then your safest bet is to hire a heating engineer, like us. If you feel like your boiler is due a service, please do contact a member of our team for further assistance.

Gas safe heating engineers

Before hiring anyone to work on your boiler and heating systems, you’ll need to check that they are Gas Safe registered.

Gas safety legislation in the UK, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Guernsey sets out gas work as activities that involve the following:

  • Maintaining, servicing, adjusting, disconnecting, altering or renewing the fitting or purging it of air or gas
  • Changing the position of a fitting that is not readily movable
  • Removing a fitting

Gas safe registered heating engineers must only ever carry out these activities. Any plumber that carried out this work without obtaining a Gas Safe certificate could potentially endanger you and those living in your house hold, as well as breaking the law.

LJS Gas and heating is Gas Safe registered.

Here at LJS, we specialise in domestic, commercial and industrial heating. All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and therefore competent in carrying out work on boilers and all heating systems safely. From boiler installations to solar water heating, we provide a wide range of services that allow our customers to benefit from effective and efficient heating systems at work and at home.