Project Description

John Arlott – Tennis Centre

Job Brief

  • To improve hot water delivery to 24 showers and 10 hot taps

About The Job

After many years of thorough service in an area of the UK with some of the hardest water in the country, one of two existing Hamworthy water heaters on the site reached the end of its service life.

Having been thoroughly satisfied with their performance, the operators were keen to replace like with like as far as possible, so new Dorechester DR-LA Water Heaters were installed. The Dorchester DR-LA range is available with a choice of draught diverter to simplify the flue in these circumstances, and in this instance the horizontal flue off-take was more cost effective then adapting the existing fan flue dilution system.

The Solution

The Dorchester DR-LA 75 model was selected and each has a continuous output of 1,472 litres per hour, suppling all domestic hot water for he Sports Centre. This means providing enough hot water for 24 showers and 10 taps around the building for use by the staff and users of a brand new Tennis and Football centre.

Project Details


Septemer 2018


Sports and Leisure Centre – Surrey




LJS & Hamworthy

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